Why write a blog?

Many people write blogs today as a way to share their lives with others. Often times people do this as a way to express their thoughts in a creative way. And sometimes it is so they can be seen and heard by other like minded people.

Its not every day we come by people who share our exact point of view. But online there is a higher chance to meeting or rather having the chance to share ideas with such people. Why do we need to meet like minded people? Isn’t diversity in ideas what makes life interesting?

Well, I feel that it comes from our inherent nature as humans to want to feel understood. I think if we really become honest with ourselves, more than anything else, what we really want is to be understood and appreciated for who we are.

Who can better appreciate us more so than someone who can relate to our stories and opinions.

Having said that, we always do need a different perspective to scrutinize our thoughts and to make sure we think beyond just our own perspective. This is so we don’t get stuck in our small minds. And this can happen easily if we don’t expose ourselves to different perspectives.

Blogs should not be treated as a source of truth or credible advise unless its written by a credible person, who is an expert in a given field.

Best way to treat it would be like an opinion column in a newspaper or even an article in the newspaper. Somethings may be factual, but a lot of it is options and observations.

It is definitely not expert advice nor is it a scientific paper. It is just a way to share ideas in a written form.

Blogs I feel should be treated with humour and should be read with a pinch of salt.

Unless it is harming another person like injecting negatives thoughts into them, recruiting someone for a bad cause or defaming someone, it seems an ok way to share thoughts.

We just need to remember that blogs are no scientific papers.

~Thanks for reading~

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