Self Healing – My Experience

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

We all inevitably need to heal our selves at one time or another in life.

Life is full of disappointments, losses and breakdowns.

Many of these are very temporary and we usually come out of it more personally and spiritually evolved.

In my life, every immediate loss got me to dig deeper into what it is inside of me that caused it to happen.

The underlining issues were often from early life experiences and certain belief systems.

I always felt the immediate thing I lost was because of some underling issue I needed to resolve within myself. Though it is not always that deep, in my case it has always been so.

Because I observed the same issues more than once.

The very first time it happened, I was on my way to healing. I came across all the right teachers, books and youtube videos.

However I abandonment my healing journey part way through due to my own unhealthy habits and other external interference.

The external circumstances and people I was with at the time were not very conducive to my healing process. I started to loose my own inner knowing of what I needed to do and instead ‘followed the crowed’, so to speak.

But my internal struggles never went away and they were always reflected back to me in external situations and circumstances I was creating.

Years went on, me trying to follow all the mainstream tips and tricks of trying to heal from stress, worry and anxiety.

These worked temporarily, but never gave lasting relief.

I was not surprised as I knew these issues were’t just reactions to what was currently happening in my life and were much more deep rooted.

Some were due to certain unresolved issues from years ago, buried deep in the subconscious.

My instinct was telling me that I needed to dig deeper to understand the real issues.

I knew I needed to try things that my instinct was telling me to try as part of my healing.

However, it was difficult initially to hear my thoughts or do the things I felt the urge to do because of external interference.

Years went on without any progress, until I finally detached from the external and reconnected with my inner self and intuition.

I once again got drawn to the same content, same books and videos from years ago when I first got called to look at my subconscious patterns. This time I had enough life experience under my belt to understand that this was the right path for me.

I started working on each subconscious issue that was buried inside of me.

This time I stuck to it and for the first time ever, I felt a burden lift from me.

I am feeling a lightness that I have not felt before.

You may wonder what it is that I did to get to this change.

Well, it was simple. It was about listening to my own self. Because I am the best judge of what can heal me.

All I needed to do was to be with myself and just listen.

Sure you can learn tools and tricks from teachers. You can even learn theories and schools of thought.

But it really come down to us contemplating our own selves and what is holding us back.

People outside only see your behavior and this even goes for your nearest and dearest.

It takes a bit more than knowing someone externally and even listening to what they are saying to really know what is going on inside.

As the only person who is privy to all your life circumstances, you alone is the expert of your own circumstances.

Really it is a process of narrowing in on your subconscious beliefs, thought patterns and accompanying behavior.

It takes you putting your self in the the third person and observing your own behaviors and reactions.

Once you recognize the beliefs behind the patterns, you can start changing that belief, ideally through affirmations and other related techniques.

It is not always easy and straight forward for everyone. But once you get the hang of it, it feels very natural.

It first comes down to having the intention to want to heal.

Once you set the intention, you will know instinctively what it is you need to do. You may even stubble across a book or a video that may help.

It is usually a process which takes time and involve many steps and many realizations.

There maybe some very good coaches that may be able to help kick start the process. But it needs to be someone who understand you from inside out.

So, DIY is a good option if you are willing to work on it.

I believe that healing is possible from almost anything.

Because nothing in existence is fixed. Everything is malleable including our brains.

Thanks for reading~~

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