Create to Replenish

Photo by Random Sky on Unsplash

We all need a creative outlet. And it is not just for fun.

It’s a way for us to replenish ourselves.

The reason I write is for this reason.

In fact it is a daily need of humans to spend sometime creating.

I think people see it as a waste of time.

But the people who find most satisfaction in life are those that spend some time each day creating.

It is not to gain anything material, nor is it to show case your skills (unless of course you want to, and there is nothing wrong with that).

The point is that it is a very personal experience of getting in touch with your inner self.

You do it for the sheer pleasure of engaging in the process of creation.

This could be painting, gardening, making music, dancing, cooking, carpentry the list could go on and on.

Whatever the activity is, it provides a escape from the regular train of thought and allow us to tap into the creative parts of our brains.

In this state we feel replenished as opposed to mentally and physically drained. It makes us feel alive. It is one of the the best ways to heal from any negative emotion.

Creating everyday for at least five minutes is a great escape and a source of replenishment.

Thanks for reading~~

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