Empathy and Anxiety

Photo by Toimetaja tõlkebüroo on Unsplash

Empaths are natural worriers. They often have their emotional radar turned outwards towards others and their environment and often neglect their own emotions. Their whole body is constantly on alert ready for the slightest of queues which then leads to a whole lot of thoughts which in turn leads to anxiety.

Unfortunately, this means that they are constantly on edge. Anxiety is very much a part of being an empath or a sensitive person.

The emphatic person needs to treat this trait as it is a habit that they need to change by taking daily action.

This takes work to calm down the nerves and to reprogram the thought patterns triggering anxiety inside the body. Sometime this may need the help of herbs and supplements.

Some things that may help empaths break their habit of anxiety includes:

1.Daily Affirmations – As a daily practice the empath needs to say phases like “I am not responsible for others emotions and thoughts”. “But I am responsible for my own thoughts and feelings,and I choose to let go and be happy”. These affirmations should over time reprogram the thought patterns and change the subconscious patterns about our own and others emotions. This should also help ease the feelings of shame and guilt. Ideally this exercise should be done with a mirror.

2. Meditation – Part of the reason why we feel anxious is the constant stream of thoughts inside our heads. So to overcome this, the empath should start a daily morning and night meditation practice. Meditating by focusing the attention on the rise and the fall of the abdomen can give our mind a break from generating more thoughts. Overtime this helps ease the anxiety. The other advantage of this is that this exercise takes the attention to the lower parts of the body bringing a sense of groundedness to the individual.

3. Body Scan – Anxiety comes from not being grounded in the body. So doing a daily body scan, where attention is taken from one body part to the next covering all body parts can help the person ground. This exercise is amazingly relaxing and can even help you have better sleep.

4. Taking Calming herbs – Sometimes we need the help of a naturopath or an Ayurvedic practitioner and their insights on the herbs we can take to calm our nerves down. Often times the anxiety may be related to the body not functioning in the correct way and we need the help of nervine herbs and other medicinal herbs to bring a sense of calm back into the body.

5. Diet rich in Healthy fats and proteins – A diet rich in healthy fats and proteins are recommended to clam down the body. Ayurveda also suggests a similar approach of eating ojas rich food like nuts, ghee, dates and milk which helps nourish the body.

6. Be part of a community of loving people – Nothing can reduce anxiety more so than feeling part of a secure and loving community. So it is good to engage with your friends and loved ones to help you see the reality of things and to just help you calm down your nerves.

7. Letting go of fear – A major issues that empaths have to face is their persistent sense of fear. Fear of of belonging, fear of the future or fear of hurting someone. To curb this, the empath needs to again do daily affirmations like “I let go of all fears. I trust and let go. I belong and I am ok”. These affirmations should help the empath feel more of a sense of safety.

8. Grounding – Walking barefoot outside has tremendous benefits when it comes to anxiety. It really helps to bring a sense of calm and peace to the mind and the body. Spending time outside in general is extremely good for grounding.

If all or some of the above are done on a daily/regular basis, the empathic person will find that their anxiety reduces overtime.

The hard part is incorporating these practices into the daily routine and doing them consistently.

But if you keep at it, it only gets easier.

Thanks for reading~~

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