Dos and Don’t for empaths and Highly Sensitives

Photo by George Gvasalia on Unsplash

There are many people among us that are highly sensitive. They maybe sensitive to food, substances, noise, emotions of others and even energies. This means that most things that are considered negative for an average person can throw the empath out of balance much easier and quickly.

They are easily affected by other people’s energies and emotions. They can feel easily overwhelmed by other people’s negative emotions. Unhealthy food like excess sugar can be too stimulating for them. Noisy environments can make them feel unsettled and stressed out.

A lot of this has to do with the sensitive anatomy of these individuals. They can’t expose themselves to negative things and get away with it easily like an average person can.

This means there are certain things they need to avoid and things they should do to remain centered.


  1. Avoid getting into partnerships with negative, controlling and draining individuals – Empathic people have very weak boundaries which means they are very easily affected by others emotions and energies. Often this is an unconscious habit developed at a young age encouraged by people around them who constantly made the empath ignore their own needs and wants. So the empathic person has become hyper aware of what is happening around them in terms of energies and emotions than what is happening inside of them. This often means any person the empath get into a partnership with will have a very big influence on them whether it is someone they are friends with, live with, married to or have a business partnership with. This also means many empaths need to move away from their family of origin at least for a period to start to learn about their own emotional boundaries and needs.

2. Avoid stimulating and Unhealthy food – Empath are easily affected by food. Their digestion is also not very strong. This means they need to reduce sugar, white flour, alcohol and other substances that can easily throw them out of balance. Nourishing, clean and wholesome food is a must for sensitive people. They can also use herbs and spices in order to make the dishes more digestible like ginger, tumeric etc.

3. Avoid watching disturbing content and consuming too much content in general– Disturbing content like too much negative news and horror films can cause the empath to go out of balance. So they should reduce consuming too much of these things. They should also reduce too much content specially online. Because content is so easily available, it is easy to get carried away consuming too much. This can bring the person into a state of over stimulation and unrest. So make it a point to only watch a few positive videos and read positive content online.

4. Avoid Guilt/ Self Blame and Shame – Empathic people feel guilt very easily for things that happen around them. They often incorrectly assume they are responsible for something going wrong in their environment and with people they are with even when they are not. This comes from a childhood where they were made to feel responsible for other’s emotions. So empathic persons need to practice balancing these thoughts to more realistic form of thinking. This maybe something like “that person got hurt, I wish I could have done something. But I was not able to and it is not my fault.” as opposed to “It is all my fault”. Empaths also need to reduce negative and self deprecating thoughts about themselves. Change “I am not good enough” to “I am perfectly fine as I am and I would not be here if I was not needed in this world”. Honoring that nature has created all of us because we are needed individually for the collective to function properly is a good mind set to adapt.


1.Do Start honoring ones needs – Empathic person should come to a space where they can start to honour their needs and emotions. This may mean becoming financially and physically independent from individuals that are controlling and negative. This also mean learning to identify what their core needs are. Always mentally noting why they are doing something/ the actual core need they are meeting by doing something is a good way to understand their needs as individuals. This has to become an awareness practice they do on a daily basis.

2. Pay attention to emotions in the body – Empath needs to learn to focus their attention towards their inner emotions. Because they are very tuned to the emotional environment of others, this takes practice. It is a good practice to do periodic body scans to feel and name the emotions they are feeling at a given point in time.

3. Own their space – They should not make them selves small. They have this quality of turning their personality and sense of self inwards. Its as though they don’t want to express who they are to the outside world. Empaths need to start holding their own space and project their energy outward without any inhibitions.

4. Do visualization techniques to heal the energetic body – We are not just made up of our physical body. We have the emotional and energetic bodies that we also need to heal. To heal the energetic body we can harness the power of focused attention through visualization. one technique is to imagine spots where there are rips in the energetic body (your imagination will automatically do this). Then imagine the blocked energies at the rips being drained to the ground through clear tubes and healing golden energy is repairing the rips. It sounds strange, however it seems to work from an experiential perspective. The vedic tradition tries to alter the energies through sounds known as mantras and this is something that can help also.

5. Do some visualization to release anger and resentment – Anger an resentment drain our energy from the inside. Empaths are already very open to energy being pulled away from them due to lack of boundaries. Therefore they cannot afford to have energy being drain from inside of them. Any time we hold anger and resentment this generates compulsive thoughts that drain us of our energy. So again a visualization technique can help here. First visualize miniature versions of the people you need to forgive coming one at a time and apologizing to you. Then visualize you forgiving them. Visualization has the power to help you release emotions.

6. Do visualization to change core memories that started negative thinking patterns – Negative thinking affects our self esteem, drains us of energy and creates negative behaviors. Negative thoughts may originate from a core memory that started a certain belief. So by allowing your self to go back in time in your thoughts to when the core memory may have happened and then observing all the feelings and any thoughts that were getting triggered can help release these negative beliefs. This takes work and practice. Then following on from that, watching how we still operate from these same beliefs now and consciously changing the thoughts for example from I am not safe to I am safe and in control can help us live a better day to day life.

7. Work with a therapist to get to the root of thoughts and behaviors patterns – A therapist may be able to help hone in on the specific types of issues we are dealing with in terms of the beliefs and thinking patterns. Sometimes we may not be able to see our compulsive thinking and behavior patterns so having someone else ask the right questions can help us see the patterns in our thinking and behavior.

~~Thanks for reading~~

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