Positive thoughts makes you a magnet for more positive things

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

We all know the importance of positive thinking. For a start, it is this mindset that helps us stay happy,grateful and satisfied in life.

Positive thinking also helps us take actions towards our goals and helps us persist even when the times are hard.

It is the mind set that attracts good things to us. Many of us overlook the fact that we are energetic beings. Our energetic vibration is largely dependent on our thoughts and mindset. The more positive and grateful we are the more the nature/universe will be positive and grateful back to us.

If you have seen the movie “The secret”, you would know how our mind and thoughts dictates what we attract. We can have everything we want as long as our thoughts are aligned in that direction in a positive way.

Some of us need to cultivate the habit of positive thinking because we were not born with it or was not taught it. Many people develop lack mindsets in their early life which keeps them away from having a happy life.

So what are some things we can do to get our mind into a state of gratefulness and happiness. Below are some practical tips.

  1. Remembering the good that is already in your life – This is where we remember all the things we are grateful for no matter how small. This changes our mood to a happy state instantly.
  2. Letting go – Learning to let go of things when it is time. Holding on to things can bring a great deal of suffering, worry and anxiety. In this state, it is hard for us to be positive. We can instead learn to focus on committing to letting go of things. Even when it is painful, we must remind our selves things are not permanent in life and one day we must leave everything behind.
  3. Connecting with loved ones and like minded people – Our minds can turn negative when we are alone and isolated. So one good thing to do is to keep connections with our friends and loved ones strong and positive.
  4. Positive Affirmation – If your mind keeps saying something negative about your self, change it to a positive and repeat this in your mind. Overtime your mind will accept this new belief as its own.
  5. Positive Music – Music has the power to raise our vibrations very quickly. So listening to positive music everyday, can help us have a better mindset.
  6. Watch and read inspirational content – We are lucky that we live at a time when we have access to so much inspirational content. Listening to these can help us shift our mindset instantly.

All the above can help us shift our mind set into a positive and in turn our emotions and vibration will also become positive. From this space we can start to attract more positive into our lives.

Thanks for reading

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