Cultivate an Attitude of Fun

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

We can often get caught up in the everyday responsibilities and allow the burdens to overwhelm us. This often makes life feel like a lot of work.

Despite life being a lot of work, we need to find ways to make each step fun.

Because joy and fun are high vibrational emotions, that help us move through life easier.

Not every person can default to being in a state of joy and fun easily.

Some people have certain childhood programming they are operating from that often make them default to lower vibrational emotions.

But the good news is we can change these programming through dedicated inner work.

Many times we operate on programs based on beliefs like I am not good enough, I am not worthy or I don’t belong.

It takes time and repetition to change them through meditation, affirmations, visualization, writing and contemplation.

Once we change our core beliefs, it becomes much easier for us to make each moment joyful.

No matter what our circumstances are, finding ways to make life a little joyful can help us breeze through life much easier and manifest better.

It takes engaging in activities that bring joy into our lives, spending time with friends, shifting our focus on the good things in front of us and embracing the child within us.

Life after all, is meant to be enjoyed and not just tolerated.

Thanks for reading.

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