Decisions and Actions – Make them yield good results

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

In life, we are constantly called to make decisions on a daily basis.

There are many things that influence us when making decisions like our own needs, what others in our life might say, what our immediate needs are and what makes us feel good.

A lot of our decisions maybe made just for making our selves feel better in the moment.

All decisions eventually turn into actions which give rise to a cause which then has effects or consequences.

Action taken through the three avenues of thoughts, words and actions, give rise to a chain reaction of events which end in an effect which we usually experience.

The time between cause and effect may be short or long, but the effects will always be seen in one way or another.

That is why in many spiritual traditions, people are given guidelines and rules to help people take the right actions so to minimize negative effects.

The energy of the action we take gets carried through the entire cause and effect process. If the action taken was negative, it does come back in a negative way. If the deed done was positive it comes back in a positive way.

Its like every action has a reaction. This is very true specially where energy is concerned.

That is why its important to take good wholesome actions.

This is not just a theory or a concept. You can observe this in your own life if you watch closely.

Cultivating wholesome actions start with establishing virtues for our selves and living true to them no matter what.

Loyalty should always be to virtues and not people, processions, name, status and material gains.

It is not easy to live this way in the society today. But as much as we can, we have to strive to live this way.

Commiting to a religious or a spiritual path can often allow people to live in a virtuous way.

We will go off the path many times, but if we have guidelines we can revisit them and find our way back.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

~Thanks for reading~

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