Integrating the self to become more balanced

Photo by Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

I think all of us are skewed in how we think, see the world and how we behave. It might be too much to the left or too much to the right of the bell curve of integration. Perfectly balanced people will sit right in the centre of the curve, but these types of people are rare.

We may be too artistic and less logical, too intuitive and less practical, too pessimistic and less optimistic, too perfectionist and less accepting or vise versa.

Integration means to bring ourselves closer to the middle of that bell curve, where we have a balance of both aspects. It won’t be a perfect balance, but it will be close.

That is why its always good to improve aspects of our selves that are weak.

I think many people instinctively do this. But at times of stress they tend to fall back on to their default mode, unless they practice and develop new habits.

Coming to a middle path by releasing all extreme thinking and behaviors is the inner work we are advised to do in many healing modalities, therapy and spirituality.

Even though what is not natural to you feels uncomfortable at the beginning when you engage in these things it brings you a sense of satisfaction in the long run.

Often counselors try to bring our thinking into balance though CBT therapy by balancing how we interpret certain situations. This is so the situation is seen not from a lense of extreme thinking, but a balanced point of view, where good and bad are both acknowledged.

Most times we feel a sense of balance just by being in our community as the group as a collective balance out each others extremes. The group can also challenge each person to deal with their extremities and bring balance to each individual person. This can be smooth or rough depending on how the situation plays out.

It takes constant awareness of the self to reset the balance as we very easily get thrown off it due to external circumstances that trigger our default extremities.

Exercise, meditation and self assessment/correction can be very helpful in this process of integration.

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