Not feeling grounded! What to do about it?

Photo by Danielle Rice on Unsplash

Some of us often struggle to feel grounded in the here and now. We may often find our selves feeling spaced out and disconnected from what is going on around us.

This makes it more difficult to function in day to day life. We may be forgetful, fearful and have feelings of not belonging.

From a yogic perspective, this tendency is described as having weak lower chakras, which are to do with survival and belonging, and having more strong upper chakras, which are more about spirituality and detachment.

We bring these tendencies from our birth and often attract an early experience of not belonging or abandonment.

We may naturally tend towards isolation, detachment, intellectual things over physical, be unable to express needs and wants and experience social anxiety.

If we have these tendencies, there are certain things we can do in order to increase our feeling of being grounded and belong.

Some things we can do include:

  1. Connecting with other – Connecting with others can help us get in touch with reality and bring a sense of belonging. Though this may be uncomfortable, making a point to connect with others can be very beneficial in becoming grounded. We also need others to reflect things about us back to us, for us to grow and evolve. We are part of the collective, and therefore we need to embrace that more in a physical way more so than a spiritual or conceptual way.

2. Meditation and Deep Breathing – Both these activities help us reduce our thoughts and connect with our bodies. Its about bringing our energy down into our bodies away from our minded. Deep breathing also help us get more oxygen into our system, helping us calm down even more.

3. Eating the right food – Eating food that we can digest well and not cause gas and bloating definitely helps with grounding. We each have unique constitutions and some of us struggle to digest certain food. Its good to become aware of food that we can not digest easily. It also helps to use digestive aids that help us stimulate the digestion like lemon water to stop creating more gas in our systems. A good grounding tea can also go a long way.

4. Exercise – Exercise is a must. There is no better way to remove the feeling of anxiety from our bodies than exercise. Not only that, it helps us connect more with our bodies and activate lower energetic centers. Not to mention, it helps us release all the feel good hormones. Nothing really beats exercises.

5. Journaling – The mind needs a bit of cleansing and organizing too. This is where journaling comes in. By writing thoughts down, we are giving our thoughts some structure. This really helps us become more grounded and less spacious.

6. Nature time – Connecting with nature specially bear foot helps us ground (literally). This is one of the best remedies for grounding our selves.

7. Therapy – Having someone to talk to about our fears and slowly but surely unravel things about our selves can help us feel less fearful about life. This in turn can help us feel more secure and grounded.

Life can feel like a movies we are watching rather than us being a part of it, when we are not grounded. So we need to make an effort to engage and expose our selves more and more to life to become comfortable embracing people and experiences.

Thanks for reading.