Perception – Yours and Theirs

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

Who we are is not just a product of our thoughts, beliefs, past experiences, our skills and our capabilities, but it is also how others perceive us.

Have you noticed that around some people, we feel like we can do anything. But around others, we feel like we are completely incapable.

Sometimes we may feel this way based on someone else’s capability. We may at times loose confidence when we are around some one who exceeds our capabilities. But I am not talking about that here.

I am talking about the perception of us in the eyes of significant people in our lives. When they see us in a positive way, we often meet their expectation of us by being the best versions of our selves. But this is also true for people that are negative in our lives.

This is not too say that if someone overestimates our capability that we will suddenly excel at something that we are not good at.

But when others see our potential and capability, we often start seeing it in our selves.

But in life we meet people who see our potential and those who undermine our potential. Neither of these are actually bad.

Both can help us move forward and grow if we use them both in the right way. One a cheerleader and one a harsh critique.

If we cultivate compassion for all beings, we can listen and learn from everyone. We can use the support from the cheerleader to give us strength, and criticism from the critique to help us change and become better.

We can use others who exceed our capabilities as inspiration to keep learning and growing.

At the end of the day, what actually matters most is our own perception of us. Our perception of us should be positive yet compassionate. We are kind to ourselves for our short coming and still see ourselves in a positive light.

This is something we need to cultivate and maintain as much as possible. Whether a cheerleader comes our way or a harsh critique does, we can accept both of their feedback when we cultivate a level compassion and acceptance towards our selves.

A very good practice for this is the daily loving kindness meditation. It helps you cultivate an acceptance for self and others when practiced everyday.

It is about becoming a being of complete awareness and acceptance.

Hope this post was interesting and resonated with other fellow readers and writers.

~Thanks for reading~