Anyone can learn anything – But what are two important factors that stop us from learning new skills?

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We are capable of learning new skills. In fact the human system is the most sophisticated system around that is able to constantly grow and change based on things it is exposed to on a daily basis.

This expansion is usually unconscious to an extent. But each of us are capable of consciously learning new skills and applying them to live better lives.

Some people are masters at learning new things. They would always be studying and absorbing information very quickly without needing much effort.

Its makes the rest of us think, maybe I don’t quite have the right temperament for this topic or this skill.

But the truth is we all can learn anything. Each of us do have certain things we are naturally good at and are part of our temperament. But learning things out side of what we are naturally good at is what brings real growth.

So what is stopping us from learning new skills. The obvious answer maybe that one is lazy and not motivated. Though it may seem like the case, sometime it could be due to real blocks that stops us from learning new skills.

Learning is also a skill we need to learn and cultivate, and some of us had some help maybe from a teacher or an adult who taught us how to learn. But this is rare.

Aside from not knowing how to learn there are two very fundamental reasons that people are not able to learn new skills. These are:

  1. Unhealed trauma

Trauma affects our performance in almost all aspects of our lives. Trauma comes about because we felt that we were in danger in some way, particularly in early life. In danger of being rejected, being abandoned, being abused, being verbally or physically attacked or being misunderstood. The result of this is we withdrew into our selves and started fearing our environment. We go into a panic state and stayed there because it never felt self to just come out of it. When we are in a panic state ready to fight or flee, it becomes very hard to learn anything new. True learning require some level of inner calm and peace. When your body is in state ready to react, it is not in a state conducive to learning and absorbing new information. So unhealed trauma can be a major block to learning and growing.

2. Consuming the information in the right format and perspective

Often times the reason why we don’t understand something is because, the information is not presented in a method or a perspective that we can relate to. It maybe taught by a teacher who has a very different perspective than we do or it may be a course written in such a way that you can’t quite connect with the material. Some people need a bit of background information first on the topic before they are ready to learn and some people just need to jump straight in and do something in order to learn. This is why it is important that we find a teacher that we can relate to and also find material that we can easily digest. If we can’t find either, we can create that material for our selves in a way that we can absorb from what is available to us.

Learning new skills at every stage of life has become crucial for everyone, so understanding what is blocking us from learning can help us to to resolve any issues we have and become better learners.

Hope this read was interesting.

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Essential Preparation Steps for Meditation

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We all at this point in time know the importance of meditation and connecting with our selves.

But the truth is meditation is not all that easy if we have not done the pre-work that gets us in the right kind of state to continue meditation.

Many of us carry around trauma which gives us a very unstable and scattered mind.

Trauma often cause us to harbor emotions in our bodies that never found a way to be released.

This often throws our energetic bodies out of balance and sitting with our own selves becomes a very painful exercise.

This is why we need to tackle these physical and energetic body related issues first.

So what does pre-work involve.

1.Releasing old pent up emotions

First we need to find a way to release blocked emotions. This maybe through inner child therapy, body work, yoga or visualization meditations.

2. Heal and nourish the body

We then need to nourish our physical body with healthy and appropriate food for our unique body type and specific rejuvenative herbs that help us balance the energies within the body.

3. Letting go of anger

We must let go of any anger we harbor towards our selves and others. Pent up anger can rise up inside of us in the most unlikely moments. Specially when you sit to mediate, anger can rise up and disturb the meditation.

Anger can be released through writing and visualizing apologies toward yourself from others and towards others from you (if you need to appologise).

4. Connection with the body

We need to fully embrace our physical bodies as part of us, or we can easily become disassociated from it. To help us connect and ground into our bodies, we can practice a body scan on a daily basis.

5. Cultivate virtues

Then we need to cultivate virtuous thoughts within our selves. This may be by practicing your own religious rituals or reading a virtuous book. There are many practices we can do like praying and reciting commandments, reciting precepts for Buddhists or practicing living kindness.

6. Keep good conduct

When we live in society and interact with others we can very easily fall into negative actions like slanderous speech, gossip, consumption of intoxicants, lieing, cheating and stealing. We have to stop/minimize these things before we can really start our meditation practice.

It would take a few weeks to complete the above steps.

After we have completed all these steps, our vessels will be pure and it would be easy to get into to a meditative state and stay there.

We just need to find a quiet place and assume the lotus posture. once we are ready. Then start with focusing on the breath for about 10 minutes. Once we achieve a sense of calm, we can go into practicing vipassana, or just observe this moment with full concentration.

The pre-work would make the meditation feel a lot easier to get into and maintain for a long period of time.

You will find that meditation has become much more appealing to you.

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