2020 – Corona Virus Situation – Dealing with difficult times

Photo by Mati Flo on Unsplash

This is a rather difficult time for many of us to find peace. Covid – 19 is spreading and it is spreading fast.

Governments across the world are pleading people to stay home to minimise the spread of the disease. Because containment of the disease is so crucial. Not only to ease pressure on the medical systems, but also to prevent deaths.

Stats from across the world are now confirming that lockdowns and social distancing efforts have played a major part in flatting what would have otherwise been an exponential growth in number of cases which may have gone up to millions had they not taken these steps.

We all as humans are now required to unite and do our individual part to stop the spread of this disease. This is for our elderly and our fellow brothers and sisters who are dealing with existing conditions.

In all honesty the part we have to play is rather small. Staying home for a few days now to stop the spread of this disease. Taking quick action now means we have less issues further down the track to deal with.

This is a time we can be very grateful to the leaders of our nations for taking hard decisions to lessen the impacts of this disease to the people. The amount of work they put in day and night to tackle increasing number of social and economic issues should be noted by all us with appreciation.

And not to mention the amazing frontline health care professional who are essentially risking their lives to save the lives of others. We as a race are in debt to you.

Nations have been preparing for threats from other nations and even from outer space. This threat however was almost unexpected. Though it was predicted by many, no one expected it to reach the magnitude it has today.

It feels surreal. And it really hit home how we as tribal animals have such a large impact on others lives. The key lesson I learnt is how each of us as individuals really have a major part to play in our community.

I am keeping plugged into our local news and following the guidance provided by my local authorities to the best that I can.

~~Keep safe everyone~~

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