Connecting to a Community!

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Its been said that being part of a community is a human survival need.

However, people often avoid it due to social anxiety and fear of judgement.

But it still remains a fundamental need for majority of the people.

The famous rat experiment from the 1980’s claimed that being part of a community cured addiction.

The experiment involved placing several rats in a rat park and placing a number of rats individually in cages with no contact to other rats. In both scenarios, rats had access to fresh water and water with morphine added. What they found was that rats who were isolated in cages, consumed a lot more water containing morphine than did the rats that were placed in the rat park.

Now this experiment is not a ”be all and end all’ when it comes to proving the effectiveness of a community in reducing addictive behavior. However it shows tendency in animals to develop bad habits when in isolation.

But of course the thing that we need to remember is that the nature of the community also matters. It needs to be a community that share our interests and needs to be one that we feel connected to. In my experience, I gained a great deal of satisfaction from being part of communities and engaging in something I loved.

Some benefits of being part of a community includes:

  1. Feeling a sense of belonging – A like minded community provides a sense of belonging. Often times young people can feel isolated as they don’t feel as though they fit in with the people in their life. So by finding a community that comes together to perfect a certain skill can give them a sense of belonging.
  2. Access to mentors – Often times, youngsters need role models and mentors who can provide support and inspiration to pursue their path of interest. A community of like minded people can provide this. Senior members in the community can help youngsters learn skills faster and inspire them just with their presence. The focus of the community will be on honing a skill rather than the individual and their life circumstances. This provides a great escape for many youngsters.
  3. Chance to be your authentic self – We all at our core want to be our most authentic selves. But often we hold back due to fear of being judged. But with a like minded community, we can be ourselves, because everyone is going through the same fears, worries and have the same goals. This also help boost confidence.
  4. Make great friends – In a like minded community, it is easy to meet people who think like you.As you grow and evolve together in your journey, you become great friends. The connections are often meaningful and life long due to shared experiences.

So being part of a like mind community has many benefits.

Often times its nerve wrecking to approach a community. And sometimes we need to develop inner confidence first. But it provides some major benefits to many people once we get involved with a community.

Nowadays the community can be online. But the same rules apply and you can gain the same great benefits.

Thanks for reading~~

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